Infants - 3 to 11 months

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Welcome to the Infant Room at Radcliffe Child Care Center. We are looking forward to taking care of your child and working with you to ensure the best possible experience for you and your child.

We understand how difficult it is to leave your infant in childcare but we want to assure you that your child is in good hands. We are a dedicated team of early childhood professionals with a wealth of education and experience. We are eager to learn as much as we can from you about your child and are open to all your suggestions and directions.

Infants' Room Schedule

Infants eat, sleep and play on an individual schedule. During a typical day a baby will:

  • Be fed, according to his or her needs and parents' instructions.
  • Sleep as needed.
  • Be diapered as needed.
  • Play with teachers, other children, and with toys and various sensory experiences.

The individual needs of the children take priority over scheduled activities.

When not involved in routines, many toys and materials are made available for play including, but not limited to: books, teethers, toys to manipulate, balls, and soft toys. The climbing structure and other gross motor equipment like carpeted blocks are changed throughout the year to provide developmentally appropriate challenges as the children gain strength and coordination. Older, more mobile babies may visit the jumping room or join Toddler One children in their room to experience new challenges. Activities for individual children, or for two or more, include: play in the sensory table, drawing with crayons and other infant friendly art supplies, and reading books with adults.

A varied menu of music is provided through singing as well as recordings. Whenever the weather and sleeping patterns permit, the babies go outdoors as a whole group or subset. They take walks in the neighborhood using the strollers and wagons or use the playground at the Center.

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