The History of RCCC

Radcliffe Child Care Centers, Inc. had its origin in two groups. In 1970, the Lyman Child Care Center opened in Harvard's Currier House. About the same time, the Radcliffe Alumnae Association sponsored the Gymnasium Preschool, so named because it was housed in the Radcliffe Gymnasium. In 1971 these groups merged and became Radcliffe Child Care Centers, Inc., though still operating out of two different locations. With the merger came expansion and the Center moved to Larsen Hall at the Harvard School of Education, while retaining the Currier House space.

In 1977, the Center moved from Larsen Hall to Putnam House, a Radcliffe College building. When specially designed space became available in 1992, the center re-located to 10 De Wolfe Street, which allowed all our groups to consolidate under one roof. Radcliffe Child Care Centers, Inc. is not a cooperative, but was incorporated in the summer of 1973 as a community of parents and staff with both represented on the governing Board.

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