Family Participation

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The Center is run by staff and administrators with strong input from parents. Although Radcliffe Child Care Centers is not a cooperative, it is a Center in which parent participation is valued and essential. The high quality of care is derived from the involvement of both staff and parents in determining policy and implementing it.

Some areas in which we encourage parents and staff to work together are serving on various committees, such as: The Board of Directors, Personnel Committee, Fundraising Committee, Budget Committee, and as Room Parents (who work with teaching teams to support the classroom communities and events which enrich the curriculum).

Radcliffe Child Care Center is a non-profit corporation and is governed by a Board of Directors composed of ten parents (five elected at large as officers by ballot, and five elected at the Fall Parents' Meeting), three staff members, the Director and Assistant Director and one outside member. The Board meets once a month; general Board meetings are open and all are welcome you to attend.

Work Days

These occur once or twice during the year for the purpose of building structures, painting, and generally undertaking projects to enhance the children's environment but can't be accomplished safely while children are present. back

Helping in the Classroom

All parents are welcome at any time at the Center. Some of the ways you can help out in the classroom include: participating in a class project, shopping for specific supplies, reading to the children, assisting on field trips, and sharing your special talents or interests with your classroom. We hope that parents will give at least six hours to the Center each year. back

Parents in the Classroom

We have an open door policy at RCCC and we encourage home-school connections by encouraging you to stop in and spend time during the day to be a part of your child�s experience. One of the benefits of parent participation in the classroom is for children to have the opportunity to see their parents supporting the goals and procedures of the classroom. Classroom visits also provide an opportunity for parents to observe their child in a group setting and for adults to share their own unique skills and abilities to enrich the curriculum and experience for all children. back


RCCC has a long tradition of establishing a good rapport with parents through many forms communication. Parents and staff share information on a daily basis through direct conversation, occasional phone calls, notes home, fliers, and highlights on the classrooms� white board; when necessary other forms of communication can be arranged. A communication log is kept by each classroom in order to ensure accuracy in the transference of information between the AM and PM teams. We publish monthly classroom and center-wide newsletters which include announcements, important up-coming events, and general information. back

Parent Conferences and Progress Reports

Fall family conferences are routinely held starting in November. A teacher from the morning and one from the afternoon meet with the parents to talk about the child, answer questions, bring parents up to date on the child's progress, set goals, and discuss any concerns. Additional conferences can always be arranged according to parents or teachers� needs. Optional conferences are offered to parents in the spring. Progress Reports, which document each child�s growth and development, are prepared twice annually by the teachers and distributed in November and May. Supplementary reports are prepared every 3 months for infants and children with special needs. back

Pot Lucks and Picnic Suppers

Several times a year, each class organizes a potluck or picnic supper (or breakfast) for families. Rooms are set up and parents/caregivers arrive at 5:30 (for suppers) and 8:15 (for breakfasts). These are special times when families can gather together and learn more about their classroom communities. back

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